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Who we are?

Our Company

Paragon International Customer Care Limited (ParagonICC) is a turnkey solutions provider of Playtech Software Limited. Based in Manila, Philippines, ParagonICC draws its employees from the country’s vast pool of proficient multilingual support agents offering cost-effective service rates that are lower than other countries in the APAC region.

Management of the company consists of experts in various fields collaborating optimally in a diverse working environment. ParagonICC’s management team has the expertise to excel in every segment of operations. From human resources and training, to customer service and computer telephony integration, it provides outstanding customer service through email and chat-based platforms. ParagonICC’s inbound and outbound phone support services are also frequently used as a vital resource by several online operators around the globe.

Other integrated services offered by ParagonICC include:

  • Risk Management, Fraud Prevention and Compliance
  • Financial Services – Accounting and Monitoring
  • Inbound and Outbound Sales
  • Marketing Support Services – Up-Sales
  • Interactive Information Systems
  • Customized Software and Customer Relations Management Applications
  • Software Applications Development and Support
  • 24/7 Support across multiple time zones
  • Added Value Services

What we are made of


ParagonICC values a working environment that nurtures teamwork as well as personal and professional growth. Our culture supports not only the achievement of our business goals but also advocates continuous development of our people.

    Our Vision

    "To become the leading industry provider of outstanding customer service integrating cutting edge solutions that exceeds stakeholders’ expectations."

      Our Mission

      "To deliver excellent customer service to our clients intertwined with the attainment of profitable investment returns for our stakeholders."

        Our People

        Quality service is ParagonICC’s way of life. Our talented and skilled workforce consisting of dedicated men and women whose unparalleled skills and talent in customer service serves as our unwavering partner in maintaining our prestigious stature in the international contact center industry. We take pride in our dynamic teams with different sets of cultural, educational and corporate backgrounds who are able to work in a diverse and professional environment promoting quality service and strong work ethics.

          Our Culture

          ParagonICC is able to deliver cutting edge, value-added services to its clients worldwide through its highly talented people by making their roles challenging, enjoyable and rewarding.
          Our philosophy defines best our culture and character. We consistently find ways to provide excellent services to our clients and customers through teamwork and ingenuity. In fulfilling our commitment to give the best customer service, we make sure our work ethics and business practices match what we say and how we behave; this we further establish by our readiness to take full responsibility for our actions.

          Our Core Values

          What we do?

          Our Services

          Customer Support

          Customer support for phone and email is available 24/7 and is provided by a highly skilled team of professionals with industry-leading response times. The support team personally assists customers through the entire transaction or process. We provide excellent inbound services for customer support and effective outbound services for sales and revenue funnels.


          Financial Services – Accounting and Monitoring


          ParagonICC offers extensive financial services to the industry’s top customers, From Bookkeeping and accounting services through banking balances monitoring, payment method matching and reconciliation, fees and forex conversion track and more.

          Fraud Prevention, Compliance and Risk Management

          ParagonICC utilizes cutting edge tracking technology for the swift detection of suspicious activity and the prevention of fraudulent behaviour. Our top-tier risk management tools monitor activities and transactions which are handled using best practices and other oriented procedures. We handle all account security related tasks to support any regulatory frame work assurance and minimize financial lost .We provide merchant protection, regulatory enforcement cross points, Chargeback monitoring, Cash flow abnormality analysis , AML monitoring and customer transaction flag configuration.

          Marketing Support Services – Up-sale

          ParagonICC’s marketing experts keep an eye on conversion process, analyzing incoming traffic and offer up-sale online and telemarketing for retention and customer lifecycle interaction. We provide acquisitions monitoring analysis along with retention execution process.

          Added Value services

          We offer variety of specialists to support added value tasks including: Graphic artist, software development, project managers, Quality assurance experts and many more.